FuelExp provides control of your vehicle’s fuel consumption. Log the data each time you pump gas and review your vehicle fuel consumption and monthly expenditure for proper financial management. You can easily backup (restore) or share data by exporting (importing) it into XML file.
Application is divided into three parts: Buy fuel, Statistics and Options window.


Buy fuel window

Set odometer so that the value matches your vehicle’s current odometer reading.
At first application run odometer is set to 0 but later it will be set on biggest odometer value you entered into applications database.
Input values for fuel, price and date (by default is set to current date).
When all values are set press Save button to save data into applications database.

Statistics window

This window consists of two tables:
1. monthly statistics table with monthly fuel consumption and cost,
2. transactions table shows all transactions entered by user.
There is additional info how much fuel was consumed since using app, how much money was spent on fuel since using app and total distance traveled.
You can delete transaction by clicking on transaction in transactions table and holding down.

Options window

You can export data from FuelExp to your mobile phone memory card and then send it to another mobile phone or computer.
After clicking on Export icon a dialog box will appear any you need to specify where you want to save exported data and define the name of the file.
For easier reading on computer add .XML extension to file name.
For importing data into application database click on import icon and find file from which you want to import data.
Delete all data simply deletes all data from application database.

Aplication is free and it is avalible for Nokia Symbian 3 and Nokia MeeGo Harmattan mobile phones.
Click on the image below to go to Nokia store and download it!